FEATHERED GODDESS | High Concept Styling

Why High Concept?

High Concept photography is more than just experimentation for us artists. It challenges Pro HMUA Renee Green (@reneegreen89) to think on her feet and push the boundaries of today's hair and makeup rules, refines my technique with lighting and posing,  and allows us to deliver larger than life portrait experiences to our professional and non-professional clients as one cohesive team. 

I was shopping around for the studio closet not long ago, when I discovered Karin with Rougepony. Her Etsy Store was a magical garden full of faux flowers, feathers, beading, and creativity. Her feathered fashions (my personal favorite) are not only beautiful, but versatile, available in a variety of styles and colors! There was no way I was going to virtually walk out with only one piece. So, I bought two!

The Muse

Pro Model Rachel Rangel (@rachalrangal) was equally as eager to bring these feathered looks to life as we were to work her. This beautiful mother of two fit the bill with her strong jaw, deepset blue eyes, and killer body angles, all profoundly evident in her work as a model. We paired the black/iridescent epaulette shoulder pieces with a solid black, form-fitting dress to create a streamlined silhouette. The statement necklace and earrings along with the delicate lace gloves gave it an elegantly exotic flavor. The rest was pure Rachel! 

 Feathers by Karin @rougepony

Feathers by Karin @rougepony

The Look

Renee was immediately inspired by the whimsical, yet bold attitude of this look. "I chose a more dramatic, monochromatic look, in a nontraditional red color palette to bring out her blue eyes and ample lips. Creating the hair was a magical process! Going with the classic 1930s look as our base, we amped it up with a whole bunch of volume and texture to create a proud crown! This process involved a variety of volumizing products and pins since Rachel's hair is naturally straight and long, but it was so worth it."

This look translated seamlessly into a more theatrical portrait featuring my second favorite piece, the natural feathered shrug! We paired it with a lace body suit in nude and gelled two lights in warm colors, while the main spotlighted her (the garment). The result? Some of the most noteworthy images we've created to date! 

 Pro HMUA @reneegreen89 / Pro Model @rachalrangal

Pro HMUA @reneegreen89 / Pro Model @rachalrangal


What's your Makeup Personality? 

 BEFORE: The Natural Beauty

BEFORE: The Natural Beauty

We as women express ourselves in many different ways across our lifetime. Whether it'd be through fashion statements or hair and makeup trends, identifying the client's beauty personality is key to enhancing her truest nature for the purposes of intimate portraiture. 

Natural Beauty: Tammy C. 

"There are four types of beauty personalities," says Renee. "Natural, Dramatic, Classic, and Romantic. Tammy (pictured right) is Natural because she enjoys the look of minimal makeup on a daily basis. The trick is to find the client's key characteristic to focus on and dramatize, such as Tammy's beautiful blue eyes! Identifying the best feature to highlight on the client will prevent the makeup from looking too dramatic all the way around." Tammy was so pleased with her experience that she hired Renee to do her hair and makeup for her wedding as well! "She made me feel like a model," Tammy said at her portrait reveal. 

This is how Renee creates beautifully timeless looks for all my clients, both professional and non-professional alike! "Pro models usually know their best features already and allow me free reign! They usually have many beautiful features to choose from and the possibilities become endless, so at that point I focus on what the work itself is trying to say and how it will be presented; a fashion story, magazine spread, or TV/Film, etc." 

 AFTER: The Natural Beauty by Renee Green

AFTER: The Natural Beauty by Renee Green

The Best Form of Makeup?

"Skin care," Renee says.  "All Pro MUAs swear by it! Daily skincare should include a wash, scrub, toner, eye cream and sunscreen. At night, use a retinol serum to promote cell turnover of dead or damaged skin followed by a night cream. If you have especially oily skin, weekly Microderm Abrasion/Chemical Peel or Face Masks help clear excess oil and dirt from pores. 

It seems like a lot at first but once in front of you, it's very simple! Most women start with a good face wash and moisturizer and build from there. However, daily sunscreen is a MUST! A moisturizer with SPF is a good start, but only if it protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. Most moisturizers only protect from UV-B rays, but UV-A rays penetrate deeper into the skin and cause wrinkles!" 

Congratulations, Tammy! 

 Pro HMUA Renee Green. Portrait by Bella Priscilla Photography.

Pro HMUA Renee Green. Portrait by Bella Priscilla Photography.

About the Artist

Renee Green is the owner of On Location Hair and Makeup and has been a Pro Hair & Makeup Artist for over 10 years. She specializes in Airbrush Makeup, Skin Treatment, Tanning, and Tattoo Cover Up. 

INSTAGRAM @bella_priscilla_photography


Even through the chaotic hustle and bustle of professional portrait making, this girl does the best she can keeping future clients up to date with the latest and greatest from the studio. My method? INSTAGRAM. 

DID YOU KNOW?  Instagram is the social media platform where visual artists thrive! It's much more visually appealing and user-friendly than Facebook for sharing intimate portraiture and #bts footage in a flash! It's clean, edgy, and all about the art. Facebook is so 2006 anyway, right?

Follow me @bella_priscilla_photography and get inspired to make your Beauty & Boudoir dreams a reality! 

 Follow @bella_priscilla_photography on INSTAGRAM and stay connected with me! 

Follow @bella_priscilla_photography on INSTAGRAM and stay connected with me! 

WHO IS PRISCILLA? - International Women's Day

 Melodie Pue Portrait & Lifestyle, 2017.

Melodie Pue Portrait & Lifestyle, 2017.

Though she be but little, she is fierce!
— William Shakespeare

If you've been following my work closely the last few months, you may have noticed that my business has undergone some wonderful changes. Namely, providing you with a more insightful look into what to expect when you become my client, my features and products, and ultimately why Bella Priscilla stands out from all the rest. 

However, I wanted to take a moment and reach out to all the beautiful women out there who are still hesitating to get in touch for entirely different reasons. 


I am a 27 year-old Colombian-American spitfire. At 4' 11" and weighing 135 pounds, I'm far from being "the model type."

I understand the struggle that is self-acceptance in a world that is constantly trying to convince me, and a lot of women like me, that we're not quite beautiful. Even the political climate in America today is deliberately demeaning a great majority of us, across all body types and races, for reasons that continue to have no merit whatsoever. 

I made a commitment to myself to never give into that mentality. That's why I chose to specialize in women's intimate portraiture.  I make that version of the world less significant through the empowerment of women. Why? Because I am beautiful, and so are you. I have learned through my extensive training and working closely with an eclectic range of real women, that being "the model type" has nothing to do with my capabilities as a woman or as a professional photographer. Nor does it have anything to do with what you are capable of when we become a team. 


When you're getting married, you hire a professional wedding photographer. When you need family portraits made, you hire a family portrait and lifestyle photographer. 

When you're looking for intimate portraiture, you look for a professional portrait photographer who spends every waking moment innovating, learning, and creating portraits especially for women. That's what I do, that's all I do. I never outsource, and it's not an ad-on. This is an experience designed especially for you; to build you up and fully arm you with the power of your own unique beauty for the rest of your life. 

Don't let anyone or anything hold you back, not even for one more day. You are a force to be reckoned with. Come as you are and I'll take care of the rest. 

With warmest regards,


Early Birds Save!

Looking to schedule a session for a special occasion coming up? Need another incentive to book early? Here's your chance!

Save 15% on any of my featured sessions; Beauty & Boudoir, Bodyscapes, or The Modern Bride when you book my services throughout the month of February!  

Why Early?

Your day is an equal priority to me as it is to you, but only if I know about it ahead of time. Retaining my services early only requires a small deposit, guarantees my availability when you need me, and gives us the time to plan ahead without the rush. 

Visit the {BOOK PRISCILLA} page to send me an email and get started!

Valentine's Day Deadline

The deadline to schedule your Beauty & Boudoir, Bodyscapes, or The Modern Bride session is no later than January 22nd. Hurry, time's running out!



THE MODERN BRIDE is my brilliant idea of incorporating your bridal gown into a Beauty & Boudoir session. In fact, it's the headliner! What could turn on future husbands and wives more the morning of the Big Day than an HD sneak peak of their actual wedding night? That's bound to get them through the ceremony without a hitch, ladies. 

 The Modern Bride by Bella Priscilla Photography, 2017.

The Modern Bride by Bella Priscilla Photography, 2017.


The added opportunity to take a magazine worthy bridal portrait makes this option perfect for any wedding budget. The best part? The typical hassles of Texas weather, rubberneckers, or location fees are completely eliminated. This style is effortlessly editorial; bold and different! With Professional Hair and Makeup by Renee Green also included, this bridal is guaranteed to turn heads at the reception!


The Modern Bride option includes all the goodies featured in my standard BEAUTY & BOUDOIR session; a consultation, 1.5 hour session, Professional Hair and Makeup by Renee Green, a 5x7 custom designed album, a 16x24 gallery wrap canvas (perfect to display your bridal), and 10% off any additional print order. 

Visit the BOOK PRISCILLA page to send me an email and reserve your date today! 


This intricately beaded wedding gown, veil, and sparkling accessories can be found at CELEBRATION'S BRIDAL in the heart of New Braunfels, Texas. Ashley Orr and her team have been making dreams come true for brides since 1988, offering a wide selection and full-service fitting experience. Thank you!

 A bridal portrait guaranteed to turn heads at the reception, only at Bella Priscilla Photography.

A bridal portrait guaranteed to turn heads at the reception, only at Bella Priscilla Photography.

BODYSCAPES: Only at Bella Priscilla Photography

Not only are they mysterious and devastatingly sexy, but they're also incredibly forgiving and easy to achieve.

Here's my favorite of the bunch! This gorgeous client is a mother of two, with a full time job and a hubby who absolutely LOVES her figure! She searched high and low for just the perfect gift, and with less than two weeks before Christmas she needed something that packed a punch and fast!

The answer...  Bodyscapes! Which she found only at Bella Priscilla Photography. 

This is going to make one heck of a Christmas gift! 

 Bodyscapes are a unique trademark of Bella Priscilla Photography!

Bodyscapes are a unique trademark of Bella Priscilla Photography!