While there are a variety ways to accomplish this, here are my top 4 tips for maximizing my client's confidence in the BPP studio.
Bella Priscilla Photography Studio Portrait Album Layout with Pro Hair and Makeup of Quincenera

My Pro Hair and Makeup Artist Renee Green is my not-so-secret weapon for magical images and client experiences!

1. Get TO know your photographer

Portrait photography is very intimate and in a studio setting it can also be very intimidating. Spending time with your photographer in a relaxed setting before the session helps ensure that your vibes are complimentary, and establishes trust in their creative vision and process. At Bella Priscilla, I provide several opportunities to help determine a match made in heaven: discovery calls and in-home consultations. 


Hair and makeup (too much or not enough) can make or break a session. Appearance is the number one hurdle clients face in front of the camera, and the number one setback when reviewing their images. Retouching poor application of foundation, uneven skin tone, makeup fallout/creasing, and resolving hair is time-consuming, expensive, and the results look forced and unnatural. At Bella Priscilla, I resolve all these concerns while adding value to my studio experience by including the expert services of Pro Hair and Makeup Artist Renee Green. 


When curating wardrobe possibilities for your session, don’t underestimate what’s already in your closet. The best (and one of the funnest) features of conducting in-home consultations with my clients is stepping into their closet and getting to know them byway of their personal style. I help them visualize the potential of their pieces from a photographer’s perspective and the excitement this builds is a huge confidence booster.

4. be yourself and have fun

The most authentic portraits are the most successful. So even though we’ve fully planned, styled, and dolled you up to the nines for the session, don’t forget to relax and let your personality shine through. I always encourage my clients to smile, laugh, and move freely in addition to the elegant, controlled, and guided poses.

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