About Your Professional Photographer

Where is Bella Priscilla Photography located?

My home studio is based in New Braunfels, Texas. 

What kind of photography do you do?

I'm a professional photographer specializing in studio portraits, beauty, and fashion. 

Do you take portraits outdoors, like at a park or the beach?


Are you available for travel?


Why do you work closely with a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist? 

I want nothing but the most polished portraits for my clients. Renee Green is a professional beauty expert who has understood and mastered the art of hair and makeup application for photography for nearly fifteen years. She also has the creative skill to conceptualize and execute advanced hair and makeup looks with unconventional materials expertly. 

Do you work exclusively with Renee Green?


Do you use photoshop? 

Yes. I use photoshop thoughtfully to retouch skin, hair, and refine all my work.  

How to Book Priscilla

I'm ready to hire you. How do I retain your services as my photographer?

Start by completing the form on the BOOK NOW page to submit your deposit as soon as possible. Once your payment has been received, I'll follow up to schedule your first appointment.

What does the deposit cover? 

The deposit covers your consultation, your session, and your ordering appointments. 

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

I accept credit card payments via Square, Apple Pay, or cash. Deposits are due in full immediately via credit card or Apple Pay. 

I'd like to have hair and makeup services at my session. How do I retain the services of your makeup artist?

I will book her services for you at the consultation, when we discuss and schedule your session. 

When do I pay the makeup artist?

Renee's fee is due on the day of your session. She accepts credit card payments via Square or cash.

The Creative Process

What happens at the consultation? Do I need to bring anything? 

The consultation is a fun, sit down meeting with you, me and Renee* at my home office. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and brainstorm session ideas. We'll also schedule your session and ordering appointments, and sign the Photography Agreement. 

Please bring your calendar so we can schedule your appointments conveniently, and any visual aids relevant to your concept if you already have one in mind. The most helpful references are articles of clothing you'd like to rock and photos of hair and makeup looks you love.

I don't have a set vision for my portraits. Can you help me?

Yes! Renee and I can help you brainstorm an original concept that best suits your personality or brand.

How long does the consultation typically last?   

The consultation lasts 1-2 hours. 

How do I prepare for my session? 

Get a good night sleep, eat breakfast beforehand, and bring plenty of snacks and water.

Come with your face clean and free of moisturizers, leftover makeup and mascara. Do not tan.

Do not wash or process your hair the day before, this will help elongate the life of your hairstyle.

Professionally manicure your fingers and toes. 

Pack your wardrobe and shoes with care and don't forget your jewelry!

How long does the session typically last? 

Sessions (or production days) typically last between 4 - 6 hours. Time is included for hair and makeup, wardrobe changes, set switches and necessary breaks.

Can I bring a friend with me to the session?

You are welcome to bring a friend. Due to the inherent dangers of a portrait studio, children and pets are not permitted. 

Placing Your Order

When do I get to see my photos? 

At your ordering appointment, which is scheduled 7 - 14 business days after the day of your session. 

Will my photos be photoshopped?

Your images will be hand selected and lightly edited when I shown them to you at the ordering appointment.

Professional retouching occurs only when you purchase an image as a digital copy or print. 

Does professional retouching cost extra? 

No. For your convenience professional retouching is already included in the cost of all my products. 

How long does professional retouching take?

Please allow 7 - 14 business days for retouching per order, although its typically completed sooner. 

How do I pay for my goodies?

Half of the order total is due when the order is placed, and the remaining balance is due upon delivery. I accept credit card payments via Square, Apple Pay, or cash.

How do I get my stuff?

All orders are typically shipped to my studio for quality inspection. I then hand deliver your order and take your final payment electronically over coffee or lunch. 

Can I have my order shipped directly to me instead?

Yes! Additional shipping and handling options are available for your convenience at an additional cost. 

How much is the deposit? 

The deposit to retain my services as your photographer is 300. 

Does the deposit include any prints or digital copies?

No. The deposit covers your consultation, session, and ordering appointments only. 

How much for Professional Hair and Makeup with Renee?

Hair, makeup, lashes, and up to two hours of on-set touch ups with Renee is 195.

For hair and makeup services only its 150. 

How much do your clients typically invest in prints and digital copies?

On average, my clients invest between 800 - 1200 worth of products. 

Will I get to familiarize myself with your product menu before I see my photos? 

Yes! I take into consideration how you'd like to display your portraits during the planning process. We'll cover the full menu and I'll show you product samples during the consultation. 


Your Investment for Professional Portraits