About Priscilla

What kind of photographer are you?
I'm a professional photographer specializing in beauty, fashion, and editorial photography in a studio setting.

Who are your clients?
People of all types. I've had the pleasure of shooting for makeup artists, stylists, small businesses, models, musicians, RNs, and brides just to name a few. 

Where is your studio located?
My home office and studio is located in New Braunfels, Texas. 

Are you available for travel?

Who is Renee Green?
Renee Green is a professional beauty expert who has mastered the art of hair and makeup application for photography.  With nearly 15 years of experience, she has the creative skill to conceptualize and execute advanced hair and makeup looks for any occasion. 

Why do you work closely with a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist? 
Quality. I want all my clients to walk away with a refined and polished experience. 

Do you work exclusively with Renee Green?

Do you utilize photoshop? 
Yes. I use photoshop thoughtfully to retouch skin, hair, and refine my work.