FRESH LOOK: Bella Priscilla Creative Portraiture

This passed October my partner in crime Renee Green and I brought to life a Dia De Lost Muertos inspired look that has been dying to come out of my imagination for years!

Day of the Dead has long since become a tradition where Latin American communities come together to celebrate and commemorate their long-lost family members and ancestors. Music, food, and elaborate costuming inspired by the infamous Calavera Catrina etching by Jose Guadalupe Posada has become the highlight of these festivities here in Texas. 

My portrait had to be unmistakably Muertos inspired, but presented in a way that paid homage to my own ancestors in a manner that was both equally elegant and respectful. After all, their message to us on this night is to live life to the fullest and far beyond death itself. 

Rachel Range, a close friend and my very own muse, worked unbelievable magic all her own in bringing this piece to life:

Calavera De Los Muertos


Check out these BTS shots featuring MUAH Renee Green bringing this look to life! I found these gorgeous purple stems and buds at a local craft store and Renee did a fantastic job arranging them into a curly up-do. 

Her work with the airbrush was stunning to watch! Deep purples and shimmering blacks created the deep eye of a skull without being the too-obvious interpretation. The nose and lips were a work of art, emulating the intricately painted features of the celebrated sugar skull! 

I also had the pleasure of shopping around for the perfect set of jewels and accessories to add some sparkle and richness to the final piece. The fur was Rachel's idea!